People Pay — A Fast and Secure Way to Send Money to Family and Friends

INTRUST Bank People Pay is a safe and easy way to send and receive money. If you need to split a tab for dinner with friends, pay a family member for picking up groceries, send your niece cash for her birthday, or pay the sitter, you will appreciate the security and convenience of People Pay.

You no longer need to visit a banking center, locate an ATM, or get exact cash to send money to your family and friends. With People Pay, you can send and receive money safely and quickly without all the hassle – and it’s free!

To send money to the people in your life, all you need is a mobile phone number or email address. The recipient will receive the money within one to three days with electronic deposit to the account of their choice.

Here's how it works:

  • Enroll your INTRUST checking account in free Online Banking to access this and many other features.
  • Log into Online Banking and select People Pay from the navigation panel. Once enrolled, you can use People Pay through Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app.
  • Fill in a few details and confirm to send money:
    • Contact's first and last name
    • Email address or mobile number
    • The dollar amount you want to send
    • The account you want to use to send money
    • How to pay: email or phone number
    • Add an optional message
    • Confirm your payment
  • The recipient will receive a notification by text or email with instructions on how to claim the money.
  • If you're receiving money, refer to the notification you received by text or email for instructions. You can also visit the People Pay section of Online Banking or Mobile Banking and view the Incoming Tab.

Whom can I pay?

With People Pay, you can send cash to all the people in your life — your brother, aunt, friend, neighbor, coworker, dog walker or babysitter.

Quickly and securely send money to anyone in the United States, its territories or military installations as long as you have their mobile phone number or email address.

Money can even be sent to people who are not INTRUST Bank customers. The recipient can deposit the funds into an account of their choosing.

People Pay is for sending money to individuals. To pay a business, choose Bill Pay from Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

What accounts can I use to send money?

You can use any personal checking accounts to send money using People Pay. When you log into Online Banking or Mobile Banking and access People Pay, if you have multiple checking accounts, use the drop-down menu to select the checking account you'd like to use to send money.

Security tips

Since money is exchanged by way of text or email communications, and not the sharing of account information, it is a safe way to send and receive payments. Money only leaves your account when you authorize it, to the number or email you select, and in the amount you enter in People Pay. The recipient is unable to use the text or email they receive to claim more money than you authorize. However, you should double-check that the phone number or email you enter is accurate before authorizing the transaction to ensure you’re sending funds to the correct person.

Fraudsters are always looking for opportunities to take advantage of shared personal information, and to protect your account, never provide anyone with your routing number, account number or Online Banking password. To monitor your accounts, sign up for Online Banking text or email alerts, and you’ll receive instant notifications when funds are deposited or deducted from your account, giving you early detection of suspicious activity.

Visit our security center for more tips on protecting yourself from fraud.

It's fast and easy to sign up and send cash!

It's a better way to send money — no ATM, drive-thru lane or exact cash required!

To access People Pay, log into Online Banking to complete the one-time setup process, and you'll be ready to send funds immediately through Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

If you need assistance with People Pay or Online Banking, our customer solution center is available to assist you by phone at 800-999-4048. Representatives are available Monday - Friday, 7am - 8pm and Saturday 8am - 6pm.




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