While we’ve always appreciated or customers and our community, over the past year or so we’ve taken some extra strides to show both our customers and the communities we serve just how thankful we are for everything they do. In fact, we’ve made it our mantra. We believe a community that values gratitude makes for a better quality of life for everyone.

To remind us that saying “Thanks” is a simple gesture that can mean so much, we commissioned local Wichita artist Mike Potts to design a mural for us. Check out the video below showing Mike working on the mural and talking about community.

While simply saying “Thanks” more often is valuable in itself, it has been important to us to do more than just say it. We wanted to show it as well. Click the images below to view videos documenting various events we held this year to thank the members of our community.

To us, “Thanks” is more than just a word; it’s our universal currency. 

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