Complete online account management.

Access your statements online with e-Statements

e-Statements look like the paper statements you're accustomed to receiving in the mail.

The features you're looking for.

  • Email Notification

    Receive an e-mail notifying you when your business statements are available for viewing in Business Online Banking.

  • Friendly Format

    The statements (including deposit and check images, when applicable) are presented in PDF format, enabling you to access, save and print them as needed.

  • Convenient Record-keeping

    Access at least 15 months of statements at tax time or whenever you need them.

  • Protection of Account Information

    Statements are locked behind multiple layers of security, reducing the risk of mail theft and account fraud resulting from paper delivery.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Electronic-only delivery provides you with another green solution.

  • Freedom From Clutter

    e-Statements eliminate the additional paper clutter caused by mail statements and the need for organizational space required to store them.

Analysis e-Statements

INTRUST Business Checking customers are able to view their Analysis Statements as e-Statements. INTRUST Treasury Management Checking customers can choose to view their Analysis Statements as e-Statements or receive them as paper statements.

an e-Statement from Business Online Banking on a laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

General e-Statements

What is "e-Statements?"

e-Statements, a FREE feature of INTRUST Business Online Banking, offers electronic access to your business account statements. e-Statements look just like the statements you're accustomed to receiving in the mail. When you activate e-Statements, you can elect to go paperless and 'turn off' mailed statements to be environmentally responsible, to reduce clutter and to reduce your risk for account fraud.

If my business elects to go paperless and discontinue mailed statements, can we ever resume mailed statements again if we change our mind?

Yes, you can change your deliver preference (online or online & paper) at any time by going to the "Statements and Documents – Preference" screen and changing the selection. The Business Administrator must make this change.

Which account types will be accessible via e-Statements?

Access e-Statements for checking, savings and money market accounts. If one of your account types isn't eligible, you'll continue to receive paper statements for these accounts by mail.

Will my deposit and check images be included in the e-Statement?

Yes, deposit and check images will be included in your e-Statement, if applicable.

How will I know when a new statement is ready to be viewed?

Each time a new statement is ready to be viewed, the primary user will receive an e-mail notification from the e-mail address

How do I update my e-mail address for e-Statements?

Because e-mails are generated to notify the primary user when e-Statements are available, it's important for the primary user's e-mail address within Business Online Banking to be up to date. To ensure that the primary user's e-mail address is correct, go to the "Administration" tab within Business OnLine Banking and click "Personal Preferences" under "Self Administration."

Why won't the window open when I click the statement date?

Your statement will open in a new browser window that is considered a pop-up, and a pop-up blocker will block the new window from displaying. Try changing your pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups or to allow the statement site.

Analysis Statements

What are Analysis e-Statements?

An Analysis e-Statement is a detailed summary of your charges and fees. It provides you with a relationship summary, balance summary, and service detail information for the account.

For which account types are Analysis e-Statements available?

Analysis e-Statements are available for Business Checking and Treasury Management Checking accounts.

Will my deposit and check images be included on my Analysis e-Statements?

No, deposit and check images only appear on your regular e-Statements.

For what period of time are Analysis e-Statements stored in Business Online Banking?

Analysis e-Statements are stored in Business Online Banking for up to 7 years, beginning at January 2014.

Can I receive my Analysis Statements as both mailed paper statements and as e-Statements at the same time?

No. Treasury Management Checking customers may select to receive Analysis Statements either online or as mailed paper statements. However, if you elect to view your Analysis Statements online, you will have the ability to print them at any time. Business Checking customers will receive their Analysis Statements online only.

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