Protection from overdrafts.

Business Overdraft Protection Services

You have enough to think about as a business owner. You shouldn't have to worry about covering a check if your checking balance is low. INTRUST offers Bounce Blocker to protect your business checking account against overdrafts.

INTRUST Business Bounce Blocker

On the occasion you find yourself a little short in your account, INTRUST Business Bounce Blocker1 can save you the cost and inconvenience of returned checks.

If you are handling your account in a responsible manner, we may consider, at our discretion, providing Bounce Blocker on your account and paying items that overdraw your account.2 INTRUST Business Bounce Blocker may be activated when your account is overdrawn by writing a check, making an in-person withdrawal, withdrawing cash at an ATM, a debit transaction, a pre-authorized withdrawal, a telephone-initiated transfer, an Internet transaction, or other electronic transaction3. If we have previously paid one of your items into overdraft, we cannot guarantee that we will pay future items into overdraft.

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