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Online Banking for Businesses

Business Online Banking - Treasury Reporting

Business Online Banking - Treasury Reporting is a fee-based online access allowing high-volume corporate customers to access their bank information and all the resources required to more effectively manage their funds.

Eligible Account Business Online Banking Basic Reporting and Information Reporting Features in Treasury Reporting
The following features are the building blocks for Business Online Banking – Treasury Reporting:
  • Get a quick look at your balances for business checking accounts, savings accounts, loans or lines of credit in real time.(1)
  • Provide multiple employees with individualized access to your accounts so you can share the responsibility of financial management with them at a level of authority that you're comfortable with. Whether it's view-only, transactional or account by account.
  • Generate account transaction detail for previous day, current day, or a specific date range.
  • View, print, and save your statements and check images making it handy for budget and tax record keeping. Elect to go paperless when you activate e-Statements and you'll protect the earth's environment while uncluttering your office environment.
  • Initiate stop payments on a check or range of checks which have not cleared your accounts.
  • Securely communicate with INTRUST by sending messages to customer service.
  • Use the History feature to go back and look at past transactions on account.
  • Pay your bills online quickly and conveniently for a low monthly fee(2). Set up payments to be sent right away or in the future, and change or delete payees or payments with ease.
  • Receive additional balance information including total debits and credits, and the ability to select multiple accounts for viewing.
  • Multiple enhanced report options are available, including an account summary report.
  • Perform ACH credit originations by using our Web service to create ACH credit transactions for such purposes as providing Payroll Direct Deposit or originate ACH files created by your own Payroll Software using "ACH Upload". Designed for higher transaction volumes. All ACH transactions are prefunded at the time of initiation.
Business Online Banking – Treasury Reporting Features
The following features are available with Business Online Banking – Treasury Reporting:
  • Balance Reporting. Access your account balance information for both Previous day and Same day. Previous day reports balances in your account as of the close of business the previous day, while Same day allows you to see how your available balances have been affected by transactions posting same day such as ACHs and wires.
Previous Day Same Day
Opening Ledger Opening Ledger
Closing Ledger Opening Available
Closing Available Current Ledger
Total Credits Current Available
Total Debits Current Day Credits
1 Day Float Current Day Debits
2 Day Float  
3 or More Days Float  
  • Transaction Reporting. Access all Previous day transaction details as well as any transaction that is posted during the day through Same day reporting. Transactions posted during the day such as wires, ACHs and deposits are available for viewing real time, providing you the most accurate same day information. View query results on screen or download results to a BAI or CSV file to be imported to accounting software or Excel. Advanced search capabilities offer detailed financial reporting and make it easy for you to quickly locate transactions at any time.
  • 18 Months Transaction History. An increased amount of history is available for research purposes.
  • Account Transfers. The account transfers feature offers “real time” transfers between INTRUST accounts as they post to the account. There are several options available for establishing access and authority for these transfers.
  • Imaging. Through Balance Reporting, view images of statements, checks and deposits.
  • ACH Collections and Payments. Automatically transfer funds between accounts at different banks. Transfer funds from outlying areas instead of writing checks, make payments electronically to vendors, or provide employees with direct deposit of payroll. Receive next-day availability on the use of those funds. Create databases of transactions and key in net amounts online. Once the batch of transactions is approved by a second user, the file of ACH transactions is released to the bank for processing. Several levels of security are provided for your peace of mind. Import non-ACH files into Business Online Banking - Treasury Reporting to either create new transactions, update existing transactions or provide initial creation of a batch.
  • ACH Upload. Business Online Banking - Treasury Reporting provides for the secure transmission of ACH files to the bank, if you're able to create your own ACH file. ACH Upload will validate that the file is in correct NACHA format, contains correct origination information and that it does not exceed established credit limits. Business Online Banking - Treasury Reporting makes it easy to transfer funds electronically to vendors or direct-deposit payroll checks into employee banks. Your batch files are displayed on screen where you can easily make changes and send transfers.
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The Right Fit
Just as we offer different account structures based on activity, we also provide various levels of online banking to match your needs:

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Want to know more about Business Online Banking - Treasury Reporting? We can provide you with the highest level of services and technology, plus the added benefit of working with a local financial institution. Contact INTRUST Treasury Management at 316-383-1255 or 888-964-6265 to develop the appropriate, custom online solution to meet your unique needs.

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(1) Unprocessed ATM and debit card transactions may not be reflected in your balance. Cleared transactions are displayed once daily processing is complete. You may have issued some checks, have additional purchases or made additional transactions which are not reflected in your balance. Your entire balance may not be available for immediate withdrawal.
(2) No additional charge for the first 20 payments per month; additional charges will apply after 20 payments.

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