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Applying online for an INTRUST business loan is secure and easy.

  1. Tell us about the business and each applicant.
  2. Briefly describe your loan request and tell us about your business finances.
  3. Verify your information.
  4. Optionally provide Government Monitoring Data.
  5. Review authorizations.
  6. Submit your application. An INTRUST business banker will contact you by phone within 24 business hours.

All applicants must be (1) a U.S. Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident; AND (2) a resident of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, or an existing INTRUST customer to apply for a new account online.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PROCEDURES FOR OPENING A NEW ACCOUNT: To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.

What this means to you: When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver's license or other identifying information.

We look forward to servicing your loan – no matter how big or small the loan or your business.

Although additional information may eventually be necessary for us to make a sound credit decision, you can apply online with as little as the following basic information:

  • For each applicant: Name, Social Security Number, Address, Date of Birth, U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident?
  • About the business: Legal Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone, Business Structure, Brief Business Description, State of Business Formation, Date Business Established
  • About the loan request: Amount Requested, Purpose of Loan

Need help?
Contact a loan representative at 316-383-1210 or 800-874-2013 M-F 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. or Sa 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Privacy Your privacy is our priority, so everything you share with us will be kept confidential. Review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Other ways to apply for a new business loan:

B210-56NT (12/10)

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Account Ownership

Application Type
Application Type

If applying for joint credit, we will contact your co-applicant(s) to confirm their consent to apply jointly.

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About You and Your Business

Have you already spoken with a Loan Officer/Rep about this application?

Your Personal Profile


Primary Address State

Is the primary applicant, a US Citizen?

Business Profile

(The full legal name of the business as it is registered. Source: Federal Tax Returns, Articles of Incorporation or Organization.)

(This field supports entry of a Federal Tax ID or a Social Security Number. If the request is for a sole proprietorship, enter the SSN of the sole proprietor in this field.)

(List the street address – not the mailing address or PO Box – where the business performs its operation.)

Business Address State

(if different)

(business or personal)

Business Formation State

(2-digit state abbreviation)


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About Your Co-Applicants

Co-Applicant Personal Profile


Secondary Address State

Is the co-applicant, a US Citizen?

Additional Co-Applicant Personal Profile


Tertiary Address State

Is the second co-applicant, a US Citizen?

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Loan Request and Business Finances

Loan Request

Financial Information

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Verify Your Information

Please review your information to ensure that it's correct, then click "Previous" to make changes, or "Next" to continue.

Have you already spoken with a Loan Officer/Rep about this application?

If yes, who?
Banking Center Location

Your Personal Profile

First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Street Address
Zip Code
U.S. Citizen?
Select an option...
If 'No' to U.S. Citizen, are you a Permanent Resident?
Yes, I'm a Permanent Resident
Home Phone
% Ownership
Annual Income
Personal Net Worth

Business Profile

Legal Business Name
Federal Tax ID Number
Street Address
Zip Code
Mailing Address
Business Phone
Business Fax
Email Address
Preferred Method of Contact
Business Structure
If 'Other' Business Structure, please specify
Brief Business Description
State of Formation
Date Business Established

Loan Request

Amount Requested
Type of Loan
Type of Payments
If 'Other' Types of Payments, Please Specify
Purpose of Loan
Available Collateral
If 'Other' Collateral, please specify
Down Payment/Equity Injection

Financial Information

Primary Financial Institution
How long?
Average Balance in Your Checking Account
Annual Sales
Has the business declared bankruptcy in the past?
Does the business have any unpaid or disputed taxes (includes income, payroll, property, excise or sales taxes)?
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The following information is requested by the Federal government for certain types of loans related to a dwelling, in order to monitor the Lender's compliance with equal credit opportunity, fair housing and home mortgage disclosure laws. You are not required to furnish this information but are encouraged to do so. You may select one or more designations for “Race”. The law provides that a Lender may not discriminate on the basis of this information, or on whether you choose to furnish it. However, if you choose not to furnish the information and you have made this application in person, under Federal regulations the Lender is required to note ethnicity, race, and sex on the basis of visual observation or surname. If you do not wish to furnish the requested information, please check the box below.


I do not wish to furnish the following government monitoring information


Primary applicant ethnicity


American Indian or Alaska Native
American Indian or Alaska Native


Black or African American
Black or African American

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander



Primary applicant gender
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Please read the following important information regarding the loan for which you're applying. To conclude your application, please click “Submit” below.

LOAN AUTHORIZATION: By completing this loan application, you certify that the information in it is correct and you authorize INTRUST Bank, N.A. (“Bank”) to confirm such information, to obtain credit reports, to verify any other credit references, and to make such other investigation as the Bank deems appropriate.

You authorize Bank to file a financing statement in connection with loan(s) you are applying for, naming you as “debtor” and indicating the collateral as “all business assets” or any subset thereof. Bank may file such financing statement in all offices it deems appropriate.

UPDATE FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Bank may request from reporting agencies from time to time credit reports on you and your business and request new financial information directly from you or from others for the purpose of updating Bank's records. You agree to promptly provide such financial information to Bank. Bank may rely on such information to make credit decisions concerning your loan. You agree to notify Bank of any adverse change in the financial condition of either you or your business.

Thank you for applying for a new business loan with INTRUST Bank!

As credit requests vary, additional information, including the following financial documentation, may be requested in order to make a sound credit decision.

  • Business Tax Returns for last 3 years
  • Personal Tax Returns for last 3 years
  • Business Plan & Projections (if your business is less than 2 years old)
  • Business Financial Statement
  • Personal Financial Statement

An INTRUST business banker will contact you by phone within 24 business hours to let you know that either you've been approved or additional information is necessary.

Questions? Contact Customer Service.

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