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Treasury Management

Test drive our powerful treasury management tools.

Cash Management

INTRUST provides automated borrowing and investment solutions to help you maximize your return on working capital. Each option offers convenience and a competitive yield with low risk.

Sweep Accounts | Zero Balance Accounts


Speed up your accounts receivable (A/R) cycle to quickly convert sales into deposits. INTRUST Treasury Management collection services help you improve cash flow, manage critical A/R information in real time, improve security controls and eliminate unnecessary debt.

Lockbox | INTRUST Deposit OnLine | ACH Collections | Vault Services | Merchant Services


Making payments at the right time is as important as collecting payments as quickly as possible. INTRUST disbursement services provide greater control over how and when cash moves out of your accounts.

Controlled Disbursement | ACH Payments | Payroll Services | Wire Transfer

Risk/Information Management

Access to timely and accurate account information is critical in today’s 24/7 business world. Having information when and how you want it are crucial to making informed business decisions. INTRUST offers Internet-based solutions that offer a convenient and secure way to monitor your transactions and protect your business from fraud.

Treasury Reporting | Positive Pay | ACH Block/Positive Pay | Account Reconciliation

Contact us to learn more.

For more information about our Treasury Management services, e-mail us or contact a Treasury Management specialist near you:

  • Wichita – 316-383-1255
  • Kansas City and Northeast Kansas – 913-385-8212
  • Oklahoma – 405-949-6523
  • Arkansas – 479-286-2200
Bank Holiday Observances

To find out which holidays INTRUST observes, access our bank holiday listing.

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