Treasury Management Resource Center

Take a deeper look in to our online tools for effective treasury management.

Risk & Information Management Tools

Convenient and secure tools to monitor your transactions and protect your business from fraud.

Business Online Banking Treasury Reporting

Access to all the resources required to more effectively manage your funds, from viewing balance and transaction information to making transfers. Business Online Banking - Treasury Reporting provides you the efficiency to monitor your accounts at INTRUST from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Positive Pay

Protects against losses due to check fraud by performing a daily reconcilement of issued checks against those presented for payment. Any checks that do not match are rejected, and INTRUST will provide daily notification of the exceptions through our online tool.

How it works

Collection Tools

Speed up your accounts receivable (A/R) cycle to quickly convert sales into deposits.

Deposit Online

Speed up collection of your deposits, eliminate mail float and increase availability by depositing checks from your desktop.

How it works

An in-depth look

Lockbox Online

Turn receivables into productive available cash faster than through the traditional collection system by using a lockbox.

How it works

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