Business Accounts Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2017 

Fees may vary by location. Rates quoted here apply to normal transactions and are subject to change.
All references to month are an approximate four (4) week period or cycle, not necessarily a calendar month.

Negotiable Items
Counter Checks$1.00 each
Cashier’s Checks - Customer$5.00 each
NSF/Returned Item/OD/Stop Pay
Overdraft/Non-sufficient Funds1$35.00 each
Reclear Item$5.00 per item
Returned Deposit Item - Domestic$7.50 each
Returned Deposit Item - Foreign2$25.00 each
Special Instructions - Reclear Item/Returned
Deposit Item (Domestic or Foreign)$16.00 each
Stop Payment$35.00 each
Collection Item - Domestic3$20.00 each
Collection Item – Foreign2$30.00 each (items with a face value less than $300.00 will not be sent for collection)
Continuous Overdraft4$5.00 per business day beginning on the 10th consecutive calendar day overdrawn
Special Statement$5.00 each
Statement Copy$10.00 per statement (last 3 months)
Multiple Statements$28.00 for 4 or more statements per month
Wire Transfer Fees
Incoming - Customer$11.50 each
Outgoing - Customer
Electronic Notification$16.00 each
Mail Notification$18.00 each
Recurring Electronic Notification$14.00 each
Recurring Mail Notification$16.00 each
Incoming - Customer$11.50 each
Outgoing - Customer
U.S. Dollar$30.00 each
Foreign Currency$20.00 each
Recall of Funds$30.005
Amendment to Paying Instructions$30.005
Depository Bags
Lock Bag with one Night Depository Key
Large bag$35.00 each
Small bag$25.00 each
Night Depository Key$5.00 each
Zipper Bag$5.00 each
Other Business Account Fees
Backup Withholding$5.00 origination
Record Research$35.00 per hour, $1.00 per page
Garnishment$15.00 each (not assessed for Oklahoma garnishments)
Levy/Warrant$50.00 each
Account Item Review
(Account must be on Analysis)
$40.00 per month, $0.10 per debit, $100.00 setup fee
In-Branch Deposit Processing$0.08 per $100 in currency
In-Branch Change Order 
Currency$0.01 per note
Rolled Coin$0.14 per roll
Foreign Check Deposit
(U.S. Dollar)
$5.00 per item, fee is waived when item is $5.00 or less
Foreign Check Deposit
(non-U.S. Dollar)
$5.00 per item, fee is waived when U.S. value equivalent of the check is $500.00 or more.
International ACH Transaction - Received$1.00 per item
Business Visa® Debit Card
Non-INTRUST ATM Transaction6$2.00 per transaction7
International Transaction Service ChangeFee varies8
Business Online Banking Services
Reporting Services (fees apply when the enrolled billing account is on analysis)
Basic Reporting
Account Access
Checking/Savings Accounts
Non-Analysis AccountsNo monthly charge
Analysis AccountsNo monthly charge (1 to 3 accounts)
Each Additional Account$12.00 per month (greater than 3 accounts)
Information Reporting
Account Access
Each Checking/Savings Account$8.00 per month
Each Loan Account$5.00 per month
Treasury Reporting
Account Access
Checking/Savings Accounts
1 Account$20.00 per month
2 Accounts$40.00 per month
3 Accounts$60.00 per month
Each Additional Account$6.00 per month (greater than 3)
Loan Accounts
Each Loan Account$5.00 per month
Payment Services
General Payment Services (fees apply for both non-analysis and analysis accounts)
Bill Pay$6.95 per calendar month
(includes 20 bill payments, additional payments $0.50 each)
CD-ROM Statements$30.00 + shipping and handling per CD (bill payment transactions only)
ACH Positive Pay$5.00 per month per account
Multi-Account Transfer Service$10.00 per month
Access Token Security$5.00 per month per user, per token for the first five tokens
$2.50 per month per user, per token for each additional token
Mobile Check Deposit$0.50 per deposit
Small Business Payment Services (non-analysis accounts)
ACH Origination
Maintenance FeeNo monthly fee
Credits$1.00 per item
Return Debit$5.00 per item
Unauthorized Entry Returned Fee$4.50 per item9
Online Wire Transfer
Maintenance Fee$10.00 per month
Outgoing Domestic Wire$10.00 each
Remote Deposit Capture/Deposit Online$25.00 per month
(One single feed scanner included)
Check Positive Pay$20.00 per month per account
$0.05 per item issued (after 100 issued items)
Business Payment Services (accounts on analysis)
ACH Origination
Maintenance Fee$25.00 per month
Credits$0.10 per item
Debits$0.10 per item
Return Debit$5.00 per item
Unauthorized Entry Returned Fee$4.50 per item9
International ACH Transaction - Origination$1.50 per item
Online Wire Transfer
Maintenance Fee$10.00 per month
Outgoing Domestic Wire$6.00 each
Outgoing International Wire
U.S. Dollar$30.00 each
Foreign Currency$20.00 each
Recall of Funds$30.00, plus cable advice fee where applicable
Amendment to Paying Instructions$30.00, plus cable advice fee where applicable
Remote Deposit Capture/Deposit Online$50.00 per month, per scanner
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Translation$20.00 per month, per account
Per Item$0.50 per item
Account Reconciliation/Positive Pay
Check Positive Pay$25.00 per month per account
$0.04 per item issued
Check Positive Pay w/ Full Recon$80.00 per month per account
$0.04 per item issued
Deposit Reconciliation$35.00 per month per account
Other Electronic Services
QuickBooks®$10.00 per month
(includes 20 bill payments, additional payments $0.50 each)
Data Exchange$100.00 per month
Treasury Management Services
Sweep Services
Repurchase Agreement/Line of Credit$75.00 per month
Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Services
ZBA Account$25.00 per month
Month-End Summary
Maintenance Fee$50.00 per month
ZBA Account$3.00 per account
ZBA Account Interest Allocation$1.00 per account
Electronic Statements
CD-ROM Fee (weekly or monthly)$20.00
Additional CD-ROM$12.50 each
Daily Paid Item FileFee varies
Controlled Disbursement Account
Each Account$100.00 each, charged only if per item fee for each account does not equal or exceed this amount
Per Item
1 to 4,999$0.18
5,000 to 9,999$0.16
10,000 to 19,999$0.14
Remittance Processing Services
Lockbox Setup$100.00 each
Maintenance Fee$80.00 per month
Standard Item$0.35 each
Image Capture$0.02 per page; $15.00 minimum
Data Capture$0.01 per keystroke; $25.00 minimum
Custom ProcessingFee varies
RetailFee varies
Commercial Vault Services
Deposit Processing
Deposit$1.50 per deposit
Envelope Deposit$1.00 per envelope
Deposit Discrepancy$2.50 per occurrence
Currency Deposited$0.004 per note
Bag Loose Coin$5.00 per bag
Change Order Processing
Base Fee (automated)$3.00 per order
Base Fee (phone or fax)$5.00 per order
Late Change Order$25.00 per occurrence
Currency$0.008 per note
$0.28 per strap
Coin$0.08 per roll
$3.00 per box
Mailed Change Order$10 per order + postage and insurance
Tamper Proof Plastic Bag - 9 x 12$40.00 per 50
Tamper Proof Plastic Bag - 12 x 16$50.00 per 50
Tamper Proof Coin Bag$45.00 per 50
Currency Straps (all denominations)$7.50 per 1000
Coin Envelopes$18.00 per 500
International Banking Services
Expenses INTRUST Bank incurs on your behalf may be debited prior to your receipt of funds.
Check Clearing (by arrangement)
Items deposited for immediate provisional credit$5.00 per item
Foreign Currency Items Over $500No charge
Foreign Currency Deposit Adjustment$2.00 per item
International Payment Orders
Draft - Customer$25.00 each
Stop Payment$30.00 each
Tracers by phone or by wire$20.00 each
(Tracers on items older than 90 days are subject to a research fee.)
Letters of CreditAll letter of credit transactions are subject to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 2007 Revision, ICC Publication No. 600 ("UCP"). Standby Letters of Credit are subject to the International Standby Practices 1998 (ISP98).
Standby Letters of Credit
Setup$100.00 each
IssuanceSubject to arrangement, minimum $200.00 each5
Amendment$75.00 each5
Negotiation1/4%, minimum $200.00 each
Invoicing of Fees$10.00 each
Import Letters of Credit
Issuance$100.00 each plus $25.00 for cable advice, brief details
$40.00 for cable advice, full text, if applicable
Commitment1/2%, minimum $100.00 each
Amendment$75.00 each plus $25.00 for cable advice, if applicable
Draw Fee$50.00 each
Credit Expiring Unused or Canceled$50.00 each
Letters of Indemnity$100.00 each
Acceptance1 1/2% per annum, minimum $100.00 each
Discount - Time DraftCurrent Market Rate, minimum $100.00 each
Export Letters of Credit
Advising Fee$100.00 each
Amendment$75.00 each
Preliminary Advice$25.00 each
Confirmation1/4% per annum, minimum $125.00 for each 90 day period or fraction thereof (subject to arrangement)
Assignment of Proceeds$200.00 each
Sight Payment1/8%, minimum $100.00 3, 5
Transfer1/4%, minimum $200.00
Discrepancy Fee$75.00 each (for beneficiary’s account)
International CollectionsAll collections are subject to the Uniform Rules for Collections (1995 Revisions) International Chamber of Commerce Publication No. 522.
Documentary Collections
Documentary Collection$75.00 each
Direct Send Collection$50.00 each
Amendment$30.00 each
Acceptance of Time Draft$25.00 each
Tracer$25.00 each
Other International Transaction Fees
Research$35.00 per hour (or any portion), $1.00 per page
Trade/Credit Information$20.00 plus expenses incurred on your behalf.
Reports supplied without liability.
Payment of proceeds from Letter of Credit or Documentary Collection by Wire Transfer$15.00 each

1 Transactions may not be processed in the order in which they occurred. Order of processing can affect the total amount of overdraft fees. Please refer to Deposit Agreement for information regarding Processing. A fee may be imposed for covering overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.
2 Plus applicable courier fee. Paying Bank may assess an additional fee.
3 Paying Bank may assess an additional fee.
4 No fee with INTRUST Business Checking, INTRUST Treasury Management Checking or INTRUST Business Money Market Savings accounts.
5 Plus cable advice fee and courier fee where applicable.
6 The owner of the ATM may assess an additional fee.
7 Transaction includes balance inquiry.
8 There are two instances which will trigger an international transaction service charge. (1) A fee will be assessed on all transactions where the merchant country differs from the country of the card issuer; and (2) If you make a transaction in currency other than U.S. dollars, Visa® will convert the charge or credit into a U.S. dollar amount. The exchange rate on the processing date may differ from the rate on the date of your transaction. Visa uses an exchange rate of either: (a) a rate selected by Visa from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate Visa itself receives, or (b) a government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable processing date. In each instance, the exchange rate is increased by an adjustment factor determined by the issuer. The adjustment factor, which is subject to change without notice, is currently 3% of the U.S. dollar amount, of which Bank receives 2% and Visa receives 1%.
9 Adjustable based on fee adjustments by NACHA.

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C340-108NT (07/01/2017)