A safer way to pay.

EMV Chip Technology

New embedded EMV chip technology offers your in-store payments greater protection from counterfeit card fraud on both INTRUST debit and credit cards. Every time your use your chip card at a chip-enabled terminal, a unique security code is generated, making it very difficult for anyone to reuse your information.

Chip technology also allows you to pay with confidence while traveling abroad; because EMV has already become the global standard for card payments, you can make hassle-free credit card payments wherever your travels take you.

Insert, don't swipe, for added security

a card being inserted into terminal

Step 1.

Fully insert your card into the terminal chip side up.

a finger pressing keys on the terminal

Step 2.

Leave your card in the terminal and follow the on screen prompts.

a card being removed from a terminal

Step 3.

Remove your card at the end of your transaction.

Please Note: When using your debit card, make sure you know your PIN, as it may be required by the merchant to complete the purchase.

Every day, more merchants are switching to EMV chip-enabled terminals. When shopping at those that haven't made the switch, you still have the option to swipe your card using the traditional magstripe on the back of the card. However, the added security of your chip card is only effective when inserted — not swiped — at EMV chip-capable terminals.

No matter how you use your card, you are never liable for fraudulent charges on your INTRUST Bank accounts.

How to use your chip card.

Watch the video below explaining how to use your new EMV chip card at merchant terminals.

EMV Chip Technology and ATMs

All INTRUST Bank ATMs are updated for EMV chip technology. Use your card at the ATM just as you would at an EMV chip terminal at a merchant.

You can still use your EMV debit card at non-EMV ATMs. Simply use your card as you would have in the past. Most ATMs offer prompts, so pay attention to the messaging on the screen.

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