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Checking Account Conversion

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Checking is changing for the better.

We're making banking at INTRUST simpler and easier, starting with new checking accounts and FREE digital banking services. Find answers to your questions about moving to one of these accounts below.

Account Conversion Questions & Answers

When will my account change?
May 23, 2017
Will my debit card number change?
No, your debit card number will remain the same.
Will my account number change?
No, your account number will remain the same.
Do I need to do anything before my account changes?
No. You do not need to do anything unless you would prefer to move on May 23 to a different account than the one specified in the letter you received. Request one of our new account options by completing a switch account request.
Can I change my current checking account to one of these new accounts before May 23?
No, new accounts will be available on May 23.
Why is my account changing?
We believe banking should always be simple. That’s why we’re changing our accounts – to provide you exactly what you need, with no hassle. The ways to avoid the monthly1 account maintenance fee are straightforward, plus all online and mobile banking services are now included free with any INTRUST checking account.
How do I calculate my Combined Deposit Account Balance?
Your combined deposit account balance is the average collected balance of your INTRUST checking and savings accounts plus the principal balance of your time deposit and IRA accounts.

Learn more about each of our new accounts.

Essential Checking

Advantage Checking

Elite Checking

Compare these accounts side-by-side.

Switch your checking account type.

If you would like to move to a different checking account type, let us know and we'll get you switched to whichever account works best for you.

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For additional details about INTRUST checking accounts, review our Truth in Savings Disclosure for Personal Accounts, Personal Accounts Fee Schedule, and our Deposit Agreement.

  1. Month or monthly is an approximate four (4) week period or cycle, not necessarily a calendar month.

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