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Personal Online Banking

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Activate "e-Statements" to access your account statements online – instead of paper statements.

e-Statements look just like the paper statements you're accustomed to receiving in the mail.

Benefits include:
  • E-mail notification. Receive an e-mail notifying you when your statements are available for viewing – typically before paper statements are dropped in the mail. Once you're notified, log in to INTRUST Personal Online Banking to view your statements.
  • Friendly format. Your statements (including deposit and check images) are presented in PDF format, enabling you to access, save and print them as needed.
  • Convenient record-keeping. Access at least 15 months of statements at tax time or whenever you need them, right where you're already managing your finances.
  • Protection of personal information. Your statements are locked behind multiple layers of security, reducing the risk of mail theft and identity fraud resulting from paper delivery.
  • Environmental responsibility. Electronic-only delivery provides you with another green solution.
  • Freedom from clutter. e-Statements eliminate the additional paper clutter caused by mail statements and the need for organizational space required to store them.

How do I activate e-Statements?

To activate e-Statements, simply click the "Statements" link after you've logged in to INTRUST Personal Online Banking. Specify "Online" as the delivery preference for each of your eligible accounts and agree to the terms of the service before being given access to your online statements.

In addition to basic Personal Online Banking system requirements, you must have a PDF reader, such as Adobe® Reader® (download free version), installed on your computer in order to access your statements online. Enroll now in INTRUST Personal Online Banking.

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