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INTRUST Student Banking

INTRUST Student Banking Financial Direction for Young Adults

Prep Checking (1)

To get your first checking account up and running, look no further than INTRUST Prep Checking – an account that perfectly fits the typical young adult lifestyle. It provides all the basics for those on a budget. Plus other free options can take your checking experience further.

Youth/Regular Savings

If you’re 17 and under, INTRUST Youth Savings is for you. And when you turn 18, the account automatically transfers to an INTRUST Regular Savings account. Either way, these accounts give you the chance to gain a financial foothold as a young adult – by learning while earning interest on your money.

Credit Cards (2)

OK. So let’s say you’ve gotten good at the basics of managing your money. Maybe it’s time to take the next step and slide some plastic into your purse or wallet. Just make sure you’re starting off your credit card use on the right foot. Our low annual percentage rate (APR) Visa® Cards provide an easy, responsible first step toward using, and building credit. And because we start with a low credit limit, there’s far less chance of getting in over your head.

(1) First named owner must be under the age of 25.
(2) Subject to application and approval.

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