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Time Deposits

Time deposits (CDs) combine the security of a guaranteed return from a savings account with the higher return associated with an investment.

Regular Time Deposits Jumbo Time Deposits Additional Features
  • Time deposits are insured to the maximum allowed by FDIC
  • Enroll your time deposit in free OnLine Banking and you can check your account balance online anytime and create an alert to notify you when your time deposit reaches maturity
In most cases, time deposits are automatically renewable and, once the term expires, you have 10 calendar days to add or change the term with no penalty. You generally cannot make withdrawals without an early withdrawal penalty.

Truth in Savings Disclosure for Personal Accounts

Deposit Agreement

Contact us to learn more.
For more information about Time Deposits, contact Customer Service by e-mail or by phone.

A time deposit is an account where the consumer generally does not have a right to make withdrawals unless the deposit is subject to an early withdrawal penalty. INTRUST Bank Time Deposits are similar to Certificates of Deposits (CDs), but are issued with a Receipt and not a Certificate.

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