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Unsecured Lines of Credit

Line of Credit Features
  • Easily access your funds – simply use the supplied checks
  • Line is re-usable – use funds up to the established credit limit and, as you repay the outstanding balance, that amount is available to use again without reapplying for the line
  • Variable interest rate falls and rises with the New York Prime rate
  • Payments are based on a percentage of the outstanding balance and decline as you repay it
  • Quick approval and closing so that you have the money you need right away and convenient branch locations so that you can sign your papers close to home
  • Use INTRUST Personal OnLine Banking to view the real-time balance of your loan and make loan payments by transferring funds from another INTRUST account
  • No annual fee
A line may be right for you if you:
  • Don't know exactly what you want or how much money you need
  • Want to be able to access the money quickly and conveniently when you need it
  • Prefer the flexibility of a payment that falls as your balance falls
  • Want a variable interest rate that falls or rises with market rates (APR may vary)
  • Don't wish to secure the line of credit with your home, as with a home equity line of credit

Summary of Credit Terms

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