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Measure and Manage

At INTRUST Wealth, we take your goals very seriously and measure, monitor and manage your investments the way your portfolio demands. You’ll have 24/7 online access to your account, and personal communication from your wealth advisor tailored to your specific needs.

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Our Wealth Resources include:

INTRUST Performance Report report example.

Performance Report

INTRUST Wealth utilizes an industry leading, independent third-party firm to measure and report the performance of your investments, providing you and us with the tools needed to confidently evaluate your portfolio.

INTRUST Portfolio Online on a laptop.

Portfolio Online

Besides monthly and quarterly performance reports, INTRUST Wealth Portfolio Online gives you detailed access to your portfolio 24/7 using the latest in encryption and online security.

INTRUST Retirement Planning report example.

Retirement Planning Report

INTRUST Wealth uses robust modeling software to compare your investments with your ultimate retirement goals to let you know how you’re doing and to give you a peace of mind concerning your future.

INTRUST Wealth Access report example.

Wealth Access

INTRUST Wealth Access is an online personal finance management tool that gives you a complete picture of all your financial accounts from all of your financial institutions. Manage your budget, track your net worth, and much more.

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INTRUST Asset Allocation report example.

Asset Allocation Analysis

Studies overwhelmingly show that a proper risk-adjusted asset allocation is the single largest contributor to long-term investment performance. We utilize comprehensive monitoring software and a rigid investment process to ensure your investment assets are consistently allocated properly.

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