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Welcome to NestEgg U

Learn + Act = Earn. Our customized education program will help educate your employees so they can take actions that will result in more retirement earnings and a well thought out retirement plan.

Our curriculum

Whether a participant is just starting out, somewhere in the middle, or nearing retirement, every participant hopes to make the best planning decisions. The NestEgg U education model helps take participants from Spender to Saver to Investor to Planner by providing customized guidance to create the best possible retirement outcome.

Successful outcomes

The NestEgg U curriculum makes retirement planning easy and enjoyable, which results in higher participation, increased savings rates, and improved employee engagement. We measure success by both account balances and by how well those account balances match the reality of your participants’ retirement dreams.

Measuring success

Through our quarterly reporting process, you will receive information about participation, deferral rates, and investment allocation. Annually, your employees will receive a Participant Progress Report, providing an indication of how they are doing and information and action steps to make their retirement more successful.

Their full-service approach is especially valuable to SKT, as they provide employee training and consulting as well as assume the fiduciary responsibility of selecting, monitoring and replacing investment options within the plan.

William R McVey | Chief Financial Officer, The Southern Kansas Telephone Company, Inc.

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