Working Remotely? Four Simple Tips to Securely Manage Business Online and Mobile Banking

As precautions are taken to support the health of our communities, many businesses are supporting a remote workforce. Quick adjustments to managing everyday operations may be necessary, including retaining secure access to banking resources.

For customers who access their business accounts through Online and Mobile Banking, we've compiled a few tips to help manage your account access without interruption.

Review Your User Permissions. Your Business Online Banking administrator should review user permissions to ensure you will have adequate coverage for ACH and wire transactions, which require dual approval. Having an additional backup may be needed.

Leverage Mobile Banking. Approvals for ACH and wire transactions, as well as Check and ACH Positive Pay exceptions, can be done through Mobile Banking. With Mobile Banking, you can also transfer funds, deposit checks, pay bills and view transactions. If you currently do not have mobile banking set up, the Treasury Services team can assist you with permissions required for these services.

Use a Security Token? Take it Home Everyday. If you are planning to work remotely, or might find yourself suddenly required to work remotely, have your Security Token with you, but keep it in a safe place.

Keep Contact Information Up to Date. Logging in from a different location or on a new device will require a one-time security code delivered to the phone number(s) associated with each user’s access.  Keeping valid contact information on file for each user will help streamline logins from new locations when working remotely. It’s always best to have a mobile number for each user as well.

Our Treasury Services team can assist with any of your INTRUST Bank Treasury solutions, including Online and Mobile Banking.  We are available Monday — Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 316-383-1494 or 800-905-6630 or by email at




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