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Benefits beyond pay.

As Kansas’s largest privately owned bank, INTRUST offers a number of advantages to employees that can't be matched anywhere else. The reasons to work with INTRUST are as varied as our positions.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider a career with INTRUST.

1. We believe in our CULTURE.

Maintaining balance is key to the success of our positive corporate culture. We balance professionalism with openness, recognizing the competitive advantage we gain by being receptive to the fresh ideas of our employees. We value a healthy work-life balance for every employee, and of course, do our best to hit the sweet spot between honoring tradition and embracing innovation.

2. We value your GROWTH.

As individuals and employees, we encourage growth and provide opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as tuition reimbursement for those looking to continue their education.

INTRUST offers a wide variety of learning and development opportunities for professional development, including training in communication, leadership, sales, service, technology skills, and product and industry knowledge. We provide employees with tools, resources, eLearning and internal and external classroom training, and other assistance to help them maximize their careers at INTRUST Bank.

3. We support WELLNESS.

A balanced culture of health and wellness is important to us. We encourage employees to manage their well-being by offering opportunities throughout the year to be active in community events, and participate in various wellness challenges.

4. We enjoy our TIME OFF.

All benefit-eligible employees receive paid vacation following a brief waiting period and can earn up to 520 hours of paid sick time. Additionally, we observe 10 federal holidays every year.


We build strong relationships with every customer, whether they’re an individual, a family or a business. We want to help all of them gain financial understanding and become more able to achieve their goals. The work we do in our community is also of utmost importance. We support the United Way and many other volunteer organizations as well as encourage employee volunteerism.

6. We offer excellent INSURANCE COVERAGE.

Qualified employees have a variety of coverage options to select from – including medical, dental, life, disability, vision and critical illness. In addition, employees are able to pay for medical and dependent care expenses with pretax dollars.

7. We plan for the FUTURE.

It’s never too early to think about retirement. That's why we offer a generous 401(k) plan with employer match.

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