Overdraft Protection Service Terms for Using Your Savings, Money Market, or Checking Account

I authorize INTRUST Bank, N.A. to transfer funds to cover any overdraft which may occur in my Checking Account. My Checking Account is the account I have designated on the Overdraft Protection Service Account Designation. The transfer will be from the accounts I have designated on the Overdraft Protection Service Account Designation (Transfer Accounts). My Checking Account is overdrawn whenever it contains insufficient funds to pay any item or transaction presented for payment ("Overdraft" or "Overdrawn"). This transfer will not occur unless the overdraft is greater than $5.00.

I may designate up to five (5) Transfer Accounts and may choose the order in which those accounts are used for overdraft protection. Transfer Accounts may be INTRUST savings, money market or checking accounts.

At the end of the Business Day (as defined in the Deposit Agreement), if my Checking Account would be Overdrawn in a total amount greater than $5.00, funds in my Transfer Account will be transferred to my Checking Account. The transfer will be in the exact amount to bring the available balance on my Checking Account to zero that day. [Available balance ("Balance") is the Balance of my account at the end of the Business Day after all items and transactions have been presented and paid less any hold on my funds including Point of Sale (POS) authorizations. My available balance may not be the same as the balance shown on my monthly statement of account.] The Checking Account will not be considered Overdrawn that day.

Although all items and transactions have been presented and paid prior to the transfer, in limited situations some fees may not be subtracted from the Balance on your account until after the transfer. This may result in an Overdraft of your account after the transfer has been made. If the amount of the Overdraft is greater than $5.00, an Overdraft fee will be charged. Your account will be considered Overdrawn that day.

At the end of the Business Day if the total Overdraft in my Checking Account is $5.00 or less, the Checking Account will be considered Overdrawn but funds from the Transfer Account(s) will not be transferred and no Overdraft fee will be assessed. If a transfer is made (due to an Overdraft greater than $5.00) and your account remains Overdrawn in an amount less than $5.00, no additional transfer from any other Transfer Account will be made and no Overdraft fee will be charged. Your account will be considered Overdrawn that day.

If the first Transfer Account does not have a sufficient Balance to cover the Overdraft, the remaining amount needed to pay the Overdraft will be transferred from the next Transfer Account(s) I have designated. My Transfer Account may be automatically closed if it has a zero balance.

If there are insufficient Balances in all Transfer Accounts to pay the Overdraft, the Bank may return items or transactions not paid due to non-sufficient funds. The Bank's current non-sufficient funds fee will be charged for each item or transaction presented that is not paid. The non-sufficient funds fee shall be the amount as set forth on the Personal Accounts Fee Schedule effective on the date the item or transaction is presented and not paid.

I understand that any use of my Checking Account and checking, savings or money market account as Transfer Accounts is subject to the Bank’s Deposit Agreement. Additional service charges may apply.

If my Transfer Account is a savings or money market account, this account limits preauthorized, automatic and telephone transfers or withdrawals from that account to six (6) per monthly cycle. Each subsequent transfer or withdrawal will be charged an excess transfer fee (as set forth in the Transaction Limitations paragraph under each savings and money market account product in the Truth in Savings Disclosure) in addition to other fees and charges. The Bank may be required to reclassify my savings account or money market account or close it. A transfer for overdraft protection is considered a preauthorized transfer.

The Bank reserves the right to change these Service Terms upon providing notice as required by law or regulation. My use of this Overdraft Protection Service after notice of a change to the Service Terms will constitute my agreement to the changes. The Bank may cancel this Overdraft Protection Service with me or with all customers enrolled in overdraft protection under these Service Terms at any time. The Bank will provide reasonable notice of the cancellation. The Bank shall not be responsible for my checks being returned for reason of the Bank’s failure to make a transfer(s) of funds.

In the event I have designated different Transfer Accounts for overdraft protection at different times, the designation with the most recent date shall be considered controlling.

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DB340-101SPAGMT (10/20)