Personal Accounts Fee Schedule

Effective May 23, 2017
Negotiable Items 
Counter Checks$1.00 each
Cashier’s Checks - Customer$5.00 each1
International Drafts - Customer$25.00 each2
NSF/Returned Item/OD/Stop Pay
Overdraft/Non-sufficient Funds3$35.00 each
Overdraft Protection Transfer$10.00 per transfer from Transfer Account4
Reclear Item$5.00 per item2
Returned Deposit Item - Domestic$7.50 each2
Returned Deposit Item - Foreign5$25.00 each2
Special Instructions - Reclear Item/Returned Deposit Item (Domestic or Foreign)$16.00 each2
Stop Payment$35.00 each2
Collection Item - Domestic6$20.00 each2
Collection Item - Foreign5$30 each (items with a face value of less than $300.00 will not be sent for collection)
Continuous Overdraft7$5.00 per business day beginning on the 10th consecutive calendar day overdrawn
ATM/Debit Card
Non-INTRUST ATM Transaction8, 9$2.00 per transaction10
International Transaction Service ChargeFee varies11
Sales Receipt Copy$5.00 per copy
Depository Bags
Lock Bag with one Night Depository Key
Large bag$35.00 each
Small bag$25.00 each
Night Depository Key$5.00 each
Zipper Bag$5.00 each
Wire Transfer Fees
Incoming - Customer$11.50 each2
Outgoing - Customer
Electronic Notification$16.00 each2
Mail Notification$18.00 each2
Recurring Electronic Notification$14.00 each2
Recurring Mail Notification$16.00 each2
Incoming - Customer$11.50 each2
Outgoing - Customer$40.00 each2
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Fees
Withdrawal prior to maturity to other institutions
(for any withdrawal which will be rolled over or transferred into another institution)
$25.00 each12
Withdrawal of excess contribution$25.00 each13
Other Fees
International ACH Transaction – Received$1.00 per item2
Backup Withholding$5.00 origination
Record Research$35.00 per hour, $1.00 per page
Special Statement$5.00 each
Statement copy (last 3 months)$3.00 per statement
Garnishment$15.00 each (not assessed for Oklahoma garnishments)
Levy/Warrant$50.00 each
Check Printing ChargePrices vary
Foreign Check Deposit (U.S. Dollar)$5.00 per item2 (fee is waived when item is $5.00 or less)
Foreign Check Deposit (non-U.S. Dollar)$5.00 per item2 (fee is waived when U.S. value equivalent of the check is $500.00 or more)
Foreign Currency Deposit Adjustment$2.00 per item2
Signature Guarantee - Customer$5.00 each2
Medallion Guarantee - Customer$10.00 each2
Quicken® Banking$5.00 per month (includes 10 bill payments, additional payments $0.50 each)2
QuickBooks®$10.00 per month (includes 20 bill payments, additional payments $0.50)2

1 No fee with INTRUST Advantage Checking, INTRUST Elite Checking, INTRUST Employee Checking, or INTRUST Money Market Savings accounts.
2 No fee with INTRUST Elite Checking.
3 Transactions may not be processed in the order in which they occurred. Order of processing can affect the total amount of overdraft fees. Please refer to Deposit Agreement for information regarding Processing. A fee may be imposed for covering overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means. No fee will be imposed for ATM or one-time debit card transactions unless you have agreed to such fee.
4 No fee with INTRUST Elite Checking when transfer account is an INTRUST Elite Checking account.
5 Plus applicable courier fee. Paying Bank may assess additional fees.
6 Paying Bank may assess additional fees.
7 No fee will be imposed for ATM or one-time debit card transactions unless you have agreed to such fee.
8 Each statement period, INTRUST Bank will refund (credit) INTRUST Advantage Checking and Employee Checking up to $6 for INTRUST ATM transaction fees INTRUST Bank charges for your use of an ATM owned by another financial institution. INTRUST will refund the fees as a lump sum as of the end of the statement period. The owner of the ATM may assess an additional fee.
9 Each statement period, INTRUST Bank will refund (credit) INTRUST Elite Checking accounts for INTRUST ATM transaction fees, at the time of the transaction, that INTRUST Bank would normally charge for your use of an ATM owned by another financial institution. The owner of the ATM may assess an additional fee.
10 Transaction includes balance inquiry.
11 There are two instances which will trigger international transaction service charge. (1) A fee will be assessed on all transactions where the merchant country differs from the country of the card issuer; and (2) If you make a transaction in currency other than U.S. dollars, Visa® will convert the charge or credit into a U.S. dollar amount. The exchange rate on the processing date may differ from the rate on the date of your transaction. Visa uses an exchange rate of either: (a) a rate selected by Visa from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate Visa itself receives, or (b) a government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable processing date. In each instance, the exchange rate is increased by an adjustment factor determined by the issuer. The adjustment factor, which is subject to change without notice, is currently 3% of the U.S. dollar amount, of which Bank receives 2% and Visa receives 1%.
12 On Money Market IRAs, this fee is assessed only during the first three (3) years the account is open.
13 This fee applies for anyone wishing to correct an excess contribution under the following circumstances: (1) the withdrawal of unwanted non-deductible contributions is treated as excess contributions and involves withdrawing the "excess-plus the earnings attributed to the excess"; (2) amounts rolled over from a pension or profit-sharing plan that were not eligible; and (3) excess contributions and/or deferral contributions under SEP plans.

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C340-102NT (5/23/2017)