Tap in to your home's equity.

A home equity line of credit is the right fit for you if:

You want to secure your line of credit with your home.

You want the convenience of accessing funds without having to reapply.

You prefer the flexibility of a longer payoff period.

Get started with a home equity line of credit from INTRUST Bank today.

Not sure whether a loan or line of credit is right for you?

Rates & Terms

Rates listed are effective as of 5/22/2019, are not guaranteed, and are subject to change without notice. Offer is subject to credit approval and collateral evaluation. Property insurance required. An appraisal may be required which may result in a fee ranging from $0 to $1,000 and an appraisal vendor fee ranging from $0 to $33.70.

Home Equity Line of Credit - Variable Rate, up to 80% Loan-to-Value

6.00% APR

Rate adjusts monthly to Prime + 0.5%

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is variable and can change, up to a maximum rate of 18%. This maximum APR may be reached at the time of the first interest-only payment.

How Repayment Works

There is a 10 year draw period on the line of credit, during which you pay only interest on the amount you use. After the draw period, you enter a 15 year repayment period, during which you pay on both the principal borrowed amount and interest.

Additional Terms

- $5,000 minimum loan amount
- No origination fee
- No closing costs, unless an appraisal is necessary, which requires a fee ranging from $0 to $1,000 and an appraisal vendor fee ranging from $0 to $33.70.
- Property insurance required

Great rates, even better features

A home equity line of credit from INTRUST Bank doesn't just provide the money you need, but a number of additional features that make a lot of financial sense.

  • Variable Interest

  • Easy Access

    If you have an INTRUST deposit account, use online banking to advance funds from your line of credit to your qualified INTRUST deposit account.

  • Line is Re-usable

    Use funds up to the established credit limit and, as you repay the outstanding balance, that amount is available to use again during the draw period

  • Free Online Banking

    View your real-time balance and make payments from your INTRUST deposit account.
    Learn more about Personal Online Banking.

  • Up to 80% of your home's value

    less any amount you already owe on your home

How large a line of credit can I obtain?

Enter your home's value, the remaining mortgage you owe, and your desired loan-to-value ratio to determine your estimated credit limit.

Your total estimated credit limit

Have questions or need more information?

Contact Customer Service to get the answers to your home equity line of credit questions.

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