Convenient, Everyday Business Banking Tools

Running a business is full of tough decisions, like whether to expand services or hire employees. With INTRUST’s business banking tools, we can help make one part of your daily operations simple and easy. To save time, and money, we’ve compiled a checklist of essential resources to fit your business banking needs.

Online and mobile banking

Business Online and Mobile Banking give you the power to manage your accounts from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. View account activity, track cash flow, transfer money and pay bills with just a few clicks. Enrollment is also easy. Get started by going online, visiting one of our banking centers or by calling us at 800-905-6630.

Direct deposit payroll

Eliminate the hassle of writing and mailing paper checks to employees. Direct deposit payroll is a convenient way to pay employees by depositing funds into their preferred checking or savings account, regardless of where they choose to bank.

Additionally, direct deposit can prevent payroll checks from being lost or stolen. In 2019, the FTC reported1 that check fraud topped $28 million. Offering direct deposit reduces this risk for both your business and your employees.

Deposit checks remotely

Deposit checks anywhere using a mobile device or check scanner with Deposit Online. Check images are automatically transferred to the bank.

Online banking administrators can authorize designated employees to securely deposit checks with Deposit Online, without providing full access to the business' online banking information.

ACH origination

Eliminate the need to print or mail checks to vendors. Using online banking, easily enter the recipient’s account information, payable amount and then schedule the payment for as soon as the next day. Payment history is then stored in online banking for easy reference and reconciliation.

Online banking alerts

Use online banking alerts to track account activity as it’s happening in real time. Text or email alerts can be set up to track balances, identify ACH’s that need approval, or notify you when specific checks have cleared.

Additional resources

Banking centers

Our network of banking centers is available to help. You can access all the resources you need in our lobbies or our drive-thru, including:

  • Opening new accounts
  • Depositing cash
  • Initiating wires
  • Requesting change orders
  • Updating account information, like phone numbers or emails
  • Replacing debit cards
  • Issuing checks

Business checking accounts

Business checking accounts should be tailored to your business. Whether you have moderate account activity or more complex transactional needs, one of our Business Checking Accounts is sure to be the right fit.

Credit cards

Pay down balances with a low rate or maximize reward points. Use tap to pay or add the card to your mobile wallet. And take advantage of the expense management tools. Find the right card for your business. Find the right card for your business.

Business online security

Daily online risks can lead to data breaches, interruptions in operations or fraudulent activity with your business banking accounts. Use these everyday tips to maximize your online safety.

Take the next step

For a business owner, every decision is a big decision. Speak to one of our bankers today to explain your goals and we'll help guide you to the right resource, no matter how complex the need.





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