Types of Letters of Credit

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Commercial Letters of Credit

A commercial letter of credit is a widely used financial instrument that bridges the gap between buyer and seller with the neutrality and strength of a bank. In effect, the letter of credit performs the dual roles of mitigating credit risk and of being a vehicle for payment. These are common instruments, but complex as well, so having experienced international bankers there to guide you is essential.

Standby Letters of Credit

Standby letters of credit have grown beyond its domestic origin as a surety of payment, or as a guarantee of performance, to being widely used in international transactions. Its use has become commonplace, but it remains a complex instrument. Having experienced international bankers there to provide you with the highest level of expertise is your assurance of using the standby letter of credit to your best advantage.

Export Letters of Credit

In setting terms of sale to a foreign buyer whose creditworthiness has not yet been established, requiring payment through a letter of credit is advisable. Choosing the right bank to help you through the process is also advisable. Exporters who know the importance of strategic partnerships recognize INTRUST letter of credit specialists as an essential resource.

Import Letters of Credit

As a vehicle of payment for foreign goods and services, the letter of credit serves the primary need of the vendor, but it can also be structured as an important financing tool for the importer. INTRUST letter of credit specialists are an excellent source of information when structuring import purchases with optimum efficiency.