Two types of Lockbox Services

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Designed for corporate-to-corporate payments, which may involve large dollar amounts. These items will be deposited same day to ensure the maximum availability of such funds. The remittance documents, check images and deposit information are stored and searchable through our secure online platform.


Ideal for consumer payments, which typically have a high number of receivables. The included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scannable remittance document verifies critical information, including the customer account number and payment amount, to create a data file that can be imported into your receivables system to streamline the deposit process. Exception items can be decisioned through our secure online platform.

Benefits of Lockbox Online

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Faster Availability of Funds

Same-day collection and processing means funds hit your account faster, with reduced mail and availability float.

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Protection Against Fraud and Error

Reducing the amount of staff in contact with your receivables lowers the risk of error and helps protect against fraud.

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Access Payment Information Online

Remittance and deposit information, including images, can be viewed and analyzed through our secure online platform.

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Improve Staff Productivity

Eliminate the need for manual processing and regular trips to the bank by staff, allowing them to focus on more profitable activities.

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Online Access

Secure, online document viewing and storage

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Receive instant access to your remittance and deposit information, including images, through our user-friendly online platform. Review documents, search transactions, create and download reports, and export information as needed. Check and remittance images are stored for up to two years, eliminating the need for paper storage.