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INTRUST Deposit Online

Our remote deposit capture product, INTRUST Deposit Online, allows you to speed up collection of your deposits, eliminate mail float and increase availability by depositing checks from your desktop. Deposit online works through a secure online connection. With a desktop scanner, you can deposit multiple checks from the comfort of your business without having to drive to an INTRUST Bank location.

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Benefits to your business:

  • Save time and money

    Eliminates the need to prepare manual deposits and make trips to the bank. Can eliminate or greatly reduce the transportation costs.

  • Improve funds availability

    Funds can be deposited in the bank the same day you receive them – even from remote geographic areas.

  • Improve accuracy and risk

    The system verifies the user's input, thus a more accurate deposit is created, resulting in fewer bank deposit adjustments. Can also provide faster returned-check notification based on quicker deposit time.

  • Consolidate banking relationships

    Deposits can be made directly to INTRUST from any of your locations, reducing the need for multiple bank relationships.

INTRUST Deposit Online may be right for your business if

You hold on to checks for over a day or two.

Your business has multiple outlets receiving check payments.

Any of your locations are more than five miles from an INTRUST banking center.


Your deposits primarily consists of U.S. checks, and not international items or cash.

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For more information about our Treasury Management services, contact a Treasury Management specialist at 316-383-1255 or 888-964-6265.

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