Meet Ryan Liess — New Community Bank President

Ryan Liess is no stranger to the Butler County community, as he has been an asset to the INTRUST Bank commercial lending team for more than 15 years. In August 2017, he expanded his role with INTRUST by assuming the role of Community Bank President from his predecessor and mentor, Ed Gard.

While many in Butler County know Ryan, here are a few details about his background that you may not know.

Where are you from?

My hometown is Goodland, Kansas. It's in the extreme NW corner and is the weather capitol of the state, also known as the "Top Side of Kansas."

Tell us little about your family.

My wife, Heather, and I met while competing on the FHSU track team. We’ve been married 17 years and have a 12-year old son, Evan, and 10-year old daughter, Brynn. Heather works for the Wichita School District as the counselor for the Wichita Children’s Home. Evan, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes four years ago, but there is no slowing him down. We have routines that we follow 24/7 and we still have a cure to find.

What is your banking experience?

I began my career first working in the credit department at Commerce Bank and eventually moving to Bankers' Bank. Both positions prepared me to ultimately apply at INTRUST and the rest is history. I’ve been with INTRUST for 15 years; 6 of which were spent in the Commercial Credit Department and Loan Review before accepting a position in El Dorado administering commercial loans.

Why did you decide to make Butler County home?

When I graduated from college, my first banking job was at Commerce in downtown Wichita. The bank had branches in Butler County and I was the credit analyst assigned to all of them. I spent a great deal of time in El Dorado and Andover. When I found a home at INTRUST, I was responsible for the Butler County market once again and formed a strong relationship with Mr. Gard. Living in the market you serve helps build relationships and credibility.

What do you like most about the Butler County community?

Hands down, the biggest asset of Butler County is the generosity of its people. The examples of this are endless, but you only need to attend one charitable event in Butler County to see the impact this generosity has on the community. Each community in our market is unique, but this tendency remains consistent.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

With kids of 10 and 12 years of age I'm constantly on the run. Outside of the typical kids’ activities, charitable organizations and work-related board involvement, we are heavily involved in the Wichita chapter of JDRF or Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I serve on the Advisory Council, Heather is the Family Chapter Chair, Evan is an Ambassador and Brynn participates in clinical trials. We are fortunate to have El Dorado Lake in our backyard and enjoy the hot summers a lot more than we used to. We are also fans of Butler football and WSU volleyball and basketball as well as local high school activities.

Please join us in welcoming Ryan to his new role. You can contact him directly at




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