Quarterly Perspectives - Third Quarter 2023

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Investment Planning throughout Retirement

Investment planning during retirement is not the same as investing for retirement and, in many ways, is more complicated. The following article discusses two important factors you should consider: (1) withdrawing income from retirement assets, and (2) balancing safety with growth.

Transformative Tech: Will AI Upend the American Workforce?

A chatbot with uncanny human-like writing abilities has become the poster child for artificial intelligence (AI) since it was released in late 2022, inspiring new levels of attention, excitement, and concern about recent advances in this life-changing technology. As the race among tech companies to monetize AI picks up speed, it's worth considering how widespread adoption of AI-enabled technologies might affect the economic prospects of workers and businesses.

Quarterly Perspectives - Second Quarter 2023

As we enter the third quarter of 2023, there are several trends we can use to provide some perspective on current events. We take a look at rate increases nearing an end, job market strength, inflation outlook, and how rebalancing helps tax-loss harvesting.

Rescuing America's Safety Net

Surveys show that many Americans worry about the states of Social Security and Medicare, two programs facing serious fiscal challenges that require Congressional action.

The Debt Ceiling and Deficit Spending

In January, the outstanding debt of the U.S. government reached its statutory limit, commonly called the debt ceiling. What happens if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling?

Advanced Estate Planning Concepts

As you age, you need to think about the disposition of your assets at your death and any tax implications. Review our summary of potential concepts and strategies you could utilize.