ZBA Auto Allocation

INTRUST Bank's innovative ZBA auto allocation product is designed for companies utilizing multiple ZBAs for individual corporate accounts. Funds from the ZBAs are funneled to a master account which sweeps to an overnight repurchase agreement or line of credit. ZBA auto allocation keeps a running “balance” for each account and provides a report at the end of each period with beginning and ending balances for each account.

Balance Allocation

  • INTRUST auto allocation begins with a zero balance for each account at start up, unless you specify a starting balance.
  • Auto allocation accumulates actual debits and credits (excluding your ZBA transactions) during each period for each account.
  • Provides a beginning and ending balance for each account.
  • Optional cost of funds feature. A cost of funds rate can be applied to the daily balance in each account, which is then accrued to a monthly Charge or Earnings, which is included on your monthly report.

Chart about Zero Balance Accounts

Sweep + Zero Balance

Maximize Investments

Use a Zero Balance Account in conjunction with a Sweep Account to maximize your invested funds.