Online Banking FAQs



Will my ATM transactions or debit card purchases immediately reflect in my INTRUST Personal Online Banking balance?
Unprocessed ATM and debit card transactions may not be reflected in your balance. You may have issued some checks, have additional purchases or made additional transactions which are not reflected in your balance. For example, it is possible that you may purchase something with your debit card on Monday, and it may not reflect in Online Banking until Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday, depending on the time of the purchase. A portion of your balance may not be available for immediate withdrawal.
Is there a limit to the number of transactions that display in INTRUST Personal Online Banking at one time?
Online Banking supports as many as 3,000 transactions within a 30-day transaction history.
Is there a dollar limit to the amount of transactions INTRUST Personal Online Banking will allow?
Make deposits and withdrawals up to $9,999 each and up to $20,000 total each day.
Why isn't my account appearing on the Account Summary screen?
The Account Summary screen displays accounts which you're listed as an owner. If you are an owner and don't see your account, please contact INTRUST Online Services Support.
When my spouse logs in to Personal Online Banking, why doesn't he/she see the nicknames or account order I've assigned to our accounts?
Account preferences, such as nicknames and the order of accounts, are tied to login profiles. If you and your spouse share a joint account and each of you has your own user ID and password, each of you is entitled to designate your own account preferences.
What is the cut-off time for placing stop check requests?
To find out the cut-off time for placing stop check requests, please refer to our Deposit Agreement.
What does the "stop check request" screen enable me to do?
The "Stop Check Request" screen enables you to request a stop payment on either a specific "physical" check (one that has been signed by you) that has not cleared your account or a range of consecutively numbered physical checks which have not cleared your account. You may not use this screen to stop payments 1) initiated through Online Bill Pay, 2) that have been "called in," even if the next check number was given over the phone, 3) that have been automatically debited from your account, or 4) that have been made using your INTRUST Visa Debit Card.
Is there any limit to the dollar amount of a stop payment?
There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount limit. It's up to you to decide if placing a stop payment on a check is worth the fee you will incur as a result of making the request.
Do stop check requests placed outside of INTRUST Personal Online Banking appear online?
Yes, in Online Banking you will see stop check requests placed both online and offline.
My checking accounts provides me with certain checks at no charge. Why does the system show an amount due for my order?
Online check reorder does not calculate waived charges. The charge debited from your account, however, will include the proper discount. Your no-charge checks can be found in the "INTRUST Exclusives" design category.
How long after ordering my checks through INTRUST Personal Online Banking will it take to receive my checks?
A typical check order will arrive 7-10 days after the order has been placed. Faster shipping methods are available for an additional fee.
If I open a new INTRUST account, when will it appear in INTRUST Personal Online Banking?
If you're already enrolled in Online Banking, your new account will appear within one business day.


I just enrolled in Personal Online Banking. When will I be able to transfer funds?
You will be able to transfer funds immediately after enrollment in Personal Online Banking is complete.
What are the cut-off times for the various transfer frequencies?
  • One-time transfers: Transfers to deposit accounts using today's date are immediately reflected in your account balances online and at ATMs. To pay items processed against your account overnight, and to avoid possible overdraft or insufficient funds fees, transfers must be sent before 10 p.m. Central Time.
  • Repeating transfers: Transfers you schedule for today in a repeating transfer series will be processed the next business day. Future-dated transfers will be available to pay items processed against your account overnight as of the transfer date you select.
Regarding recurring transfers, how are the frequencies defined?
If you select a start date of Tuesday, October 5:
  • Weekly, the transfer would occur the following Tuesday
  • Bi-weekly, the transfer would occur every other Tuesday
  • Twice a month, the transfer would occur every 14 days
  • Monthly, the transfer would occur the 5th of every month
  • Quarterly, the transfer would occur 3 months from October 5
How far ahead can I schedule a transfer?
You may schedule a transfer as many as 364 days from the current date.
What is the maximum dollar amount that I can transfer?
Transfer funds up to $10 million.


Can I change my user ID and password?
Yes, you can change your user ID and password from the "More" link on the top navigation panel then select "Customer Service" within INTRUST Personal Online Banking.
What if I forget my user ID or password?
If you forget your user ID or password, please contact INTRUST Online Services Support.
How many times can I change my user ID and password from within INTRUST Personal Online Banking?
Change your password from within INTRUST Personal Online Banking as often as you'd like. However, you can only change your user ID one time from within Personal Online Banking. If you wish to change your user ID a second time, you must contact INTRUST Online Services Support to affect the change.
If I update my mailing address through INTRUST Personal Online Banking, will the change affect every account for my entire household?
No, the address change request will only update the address for the owner of the User ID for which the request was made and any minors associated with the selected accounts.
How do I update my mailing address if I have a P.O. Box?
If you have a P.O. Box, contact Customer Service to change your address.
How do I update my mailing address for my brokerage and securities accounts?
To change your address for your brokerage and securities accounts, contact your INTRUST Financial Services Representative, or call 316-383-1010 or 888-583-6970.
How will I know the status of my online address change request?
You will be updated about the status of your address change request through your INTRUST Personal Online Banking message center. Select "Accounts" on the top navigation panel, and then choose "View messages."
Are alerts sent in real-time?
No, alerts are sent the morning of the next business day.
Can I download Online Banking Categories to Quicken Categories?
No, the two Categories are not connected.


What are "e-Statements?"
e-Statements, a FREE feature of INTRUST Personal Online Banking, offers electronic access to your account statements. e-Statements look just like the statements you’re accustomed to receiving in the mail. When you activate e-Statements, you can elect to go paperless and ‘turn off’ mailed statements to be environmentally responsible, to reduce clutter and to reduce your risk for identity fraud.
If I elect to go paperless and discontinue my mailed statements, can I ever resume mailed statements again if I change my mind?
Yes, you can change your delivery preference (online or online & paper) at any time by clicking the appropriate link on the Statements page.
How do I activate e-Statements?
Log in to Personal Online Banking, select Documents from the main menu, and then select change your statement delivery method. Specify a Delivery Method of Online for the accounts for which you would like to turn off paper statements.
Which account types will be accessible via e-Statements?
Access e-Statements for checking, savings and money market accounts. If one of your account types isn’t eligible, you’ll continue to receive paper statements for these accounts by mail.
Will my deposit and check images be included in my e-Statement?
If your paper statement includes deposit and check images, your deposit and check images will be included in your e-Statement.
How will I know when a new statement is ready to be viewed?
Each time a new statement is ready to be viewed, you’ll receive an e-mail notification from the e-mail address You will also receive a notification in your Online Banking message inbox.
How do I update my email address for e-Statements?
Because emails are generated to notify you when your statements are available, it’s important for your email address within Online Banking to be up to date. To ensure that your email address is correct, go to the “All” tab within Online Banking, choose "Customer Service" and click the “change your email address” link.
Why won't the window open when I click the statement date?
Your statement will open in a new browser window that is considered a pop-up, and a pop-up blocker will block the new window from displaying. Try changing your pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups or to allow the statement site.

Online Bill Pay

What does Online Bill Pay enable me to do?

When you activate Online Bill Pay, you'll save valuable time. You can pay bills and access your INTRUST account information with just one user ID and password, and instead of writing checks, buying stamps and making trips to the post office, you can securely pay your bills online anytime to virtually anyone. What's more, INTRUST guarantees that your bill payments will be sent on time and for the dollar amounts you specify.

  • Manage your payees. Send bill payments to any company that sends you a bill or any person or organization, such as a friend or charity, you wish to send a payment. Assign categories to each payee to make it easier to track expenses.
  • Manage your bill payments. Pay one bill or multiple bills from one screen. Flexible scheduling options enable you to schedule your bill payments to occur one time or to repeat, to begin processing today or in the future. Keep tabs on pending payments and edit or cancel payments if necessary.
  • Pay your bills from multiple funding accounts. Select more than one INTRUST checking account from which to pay bills.
  • Generate reports. Customize reports from a variety of criteria to quickly look up specific payments.
  • And more!
Which account(s) can I use to pay bills?
Pay your bills from any INTRUST checking account. As many as 99 accounts can be established to fund your bill payments.
Is there a fee for Online Bill Pay?
No. Online Bill Pay is a free service.
How long after Online Bill Pay enrollment will it take before I can begin paying bills?
After you start your Online Bill Pay enrollment online, an INTRUST Internet Specialist will contact you within one business day to let you know that your enrollment is complete. Once your enrollment is complete, you will be able to access Bill Pay, but please allow one business day before you're able to begin making payments.
How do I enroll in Online Bill Pay?
Log in to Personal Online Banking and select Bill Pay from the main menu. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your enrollment.
Who can I pay with Online Bill Pay?
Send bill payments to any company that sends you a bill or any person or organization, such as a friend or charity, you wish to send a payment. You can use Online Bill Pay from anywhere, but payees must be within the United States. You may use Online Bill Pay to pay government fees (such as taxes) or court-directed obligations (such as alimony or child support). However, we have a limited ability to research any issues arising from such payments and, therefore, will not be held responsible for any late fees or penalties incurred from them. A maximum of 4,999 payees may be set up.
Do I need to contact my payees to tell them I am using Online Bill Pay?
No. Your payees do not need to do anything different to process online bill payments.
How do I edit or delete payees?
Only a payee's amount, account number and payment status may be changed. From the "Bill Pay" screen, click on the payee that you would like to change. From the next screen, click the "Change Information" link. For any other changes, delete the payee and re-add it with the correct information. To delete a payee - and cancel all scheduled payments for the payee - access the "Bill Pay" screen, click on the payee that you would like to delete, and then click "Delete."
How should I schedule my bill payments to make sure they reach my payees on time?
A "send on" date that you select will be the date your account will be debited for payment and your payment will begin processing for presentment to your payees. Three to five business days following the "send on" date, your payees will receive your payments. When a scheduled payment falls on a holiday or weekend, the payment will be deducted from your account the first business day after the holiday or weekend.
How do holidays affect my scheduled bill payments?
When a scheduled payment falls on a holiday or weekend, the payment will be deducted from your account the first business day after the holiday or weekend.
When are bill payments debited from my account?
Your account will be debited on a "send on" date that you select. Your payees will receive your payments three to five business days following the "send on" date.
What form of payment do my payees receive?
Your bill payments will be remitted electronically or via paper check. With either form, the payment is provided with the information you have provided, such as your name and account number, so the payee can properly credit your payment.
How far in advance can I schedule bill payments?
Schedule a one-time future payment up to 364 days in advance.
Are there limits to the dollar amount of each bill payment?
Per item minimum is $0.01; per item maximum is $9,999.99.
How late in the day can I enter, change or delete a bill payment?
Cut-off time is 8 p.m. Central. Any new payments entered by the cut-off time will be accepted to begin processing that day, unless they are future dated. Payments entered after the cut-off time will begin processing the next business day. As long as a payment is still pending, changes can be made. Once a payment has been transmitted, you can no longer make changes to or delete it.
Can I place a stop payment on a bill payment?
You yourself cannot place a stop payment on a bill payment. To find out if one of your bill payments may be stopped, contact INTRUST Online Services Support.
Why do I receive an error message when I try to make multiple bill payments to the same person?
To prevent duplicate payments, you're prevented from submitting more than one payment for the same amount, to the same payee, on the same date. If necessary, please try your payment again the next business day or change the amount of your payment.
How do I access past bill payment information?
You will be able to view up to 60 days of bill payment history from within Online Bill Pay. To access past payment history, choose "all" from the top navigation bar then choose "Transactions and Banking Reports." Transaction history is also available via your online statements, which will remain online for at least two years.
What if my bill payment is not received?
If you receive notification that your bill payment was not received, please contact INTRUST Online Services Support immediately so that we can research it. Our On-Time Payment Guarantee communicates our commitment to ensuring that your payments reach your payees on time and for the dollar amounts you specify.
What if I want to cancel my Online Bill Pay service?
If you wish to cancel your Online Bill Pay service, you must contact INTRUST Online Services Support.

People Pay

What is People Pay?
People Pay offers a way to securely and easily pay individuals electronically without requiring the sender to know the recipient’s bank account information.
Is there a fee for using People Pay?
No, People Pay is a free service.
How do I enroll in People Pay?
Log in to Personal Online Banking and select People Pay from the navigation panel. Once enrolled, you can use People Pay through Personal Online Banking or Mobile Banking.
Who should I pay with People Pay?
Use People Pay when you need to pay another individual. For example: pay your friends for sharing a ride, pay your landscaper, or pay your co-workers for lunch. If you need to pay a business, we recommend using our free Online Bill Pay service.
Can I send money to individuals who are not INTRUST Bank customers?
Yes. You can send money to anyone residing in the United States, its territories, or military installations.
Can I send international payments?
No, we do not support international payments at this time.
Which accounts can I use to fund payments?
You may use any of your personal INTRUST checking accounts.
What information do I need to send a payment to someone?
There are two options for sending a payment. The information required depends on the method you choose:
  • Text or Email: All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number. The recipient will choose if they would like the funds deposited directly into their bank account or receive a paper check.
  • Bank Account: You will need the recipient’s routing and account number.
How long does it take for funds to be deposited into my recipient's account?
Timing depends on the delivery method of the payment:
  • Text or Email: 1-3 days after the recipient claims the payment.
  • Bank Account: 1-3 days.
When are funds deducted from my account when sending a payment?
Money is deducted from your account based on the delivery method of the payment:
  • Text or Email: When the payment is claimed by the recipient.
  • Bank Account: When the payment is created.
Can I cancel a payment?
Your ability to cancel a payment depends upon the payment method you choose:
  • Text or Email: You may cancel a payment through People Pay as long as the recipient has not yet claimed the payment.
  • Bank Account: A bank account payment cannot be canceled.
What happens if I send a payment to someone who is not registered as a People Pay user?
The recipient will receive one of the following email or text alerts, depending on the payment method:
  • Text or Email: An alert that you have sent him or her a People Pay payment that they must claim online through our payment claim site.
  • Bank Account: An alert that you have deposited a payment into his or her bank account.
What if my recipient never receives the text message notification of a payment?
First, verify the information used to set up the Contact is correct. If it is, one of the following may be possible:
  • The recipient may be using a mobile carrier that automatically blocks short code text messages OR
  • The recipient may have blocked short code text messages

In either case, you should ask the recipient to contact their carrier to remedy the issue.

Technical and Security

What are the browser and system requirements for using INTRUST Personal Online Banking?
Online Banking has been optimized to run on a fairly standard platform compatible with the Windows and Macintosh operating systems using an Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browser. For more detailed specifications, contact INTRUST Online Services Support.
When does Personal Online Banking undergo routine maintenance?
Routine maintenance is necessary to keep Personal Online Banking operating at its peak. In order to minimize the impact to you, Online Banking will be unavailable for electronic banking and bill payment from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Sundays.
How secure is my account information in INTRUST Personal Online Banking?
Protecting the privacy and security of your confidential account information is our top priority. Your account information is protected by a user ID and password that only you know, and you can change your password as often as once a day. Plus, after three consecutive failed password attempts, you will be locked out of Online Banking and must reset your password or contact INTRUST Online Services Support to reset your password. For additional security, it's important that you always log out at the end of your Online Banking session, especially if you share a computer. If you forget to logout, INTRUST will end your session automatically after ten minutes of inactivity.
How secure is INTRUST Personal Online Banking?
INTRUST has taken dramatic steps to ensure the security of INTRUST Personal Online Banking. We offer a 100% security guarantee. Our Security Guarantee communicates our commitment to providing a secure environment in which you can take full advantage of our convenient banking technology without anyone taking advantage of you.


Is email sent through Online Banking secure?
Yes, when you're logged in to Online Banking and you use the "Contact Us" link (via the "Customer Service" link from the top navigation panel), your email message is sent over a dedicated, secure line to INTRUST, so it's safe to include sensitive information like account numbers.
What are "aggregation services" and should I use one?
An aggregation service ("screen scraper") collects your online account information from various internet sources and consolidates it in one place. Whether or not to use an aggregation service is a personal decision requiring careful review of the risks and service provider. Since your confidential user ID, password and account information will be stored with the service provider, it is essential that you have confidence in the service provider's level of security, privacy policy and user agreement.